And my only mod history is 3 day ban 7 Day ban Kick and a couple warns for super basic shit So I don't see how and why that is extensive bodhi yeah ATF Rules are biased as hell Today at 312 PM Today at 312 PM I'm about to file a fucking lawsuit bodhi you can always play CSOM i'm kidding please don't kick my ass Today at 312 PM Today at 313 PM I'm about to submit my fucking documents to a court clerk I'm super close to filing a lawsuit bodhi imagine being a lawyer and getting a lawsuit claim over roblox Today at 316 PM Today at 316 PM I already have a fucking lawyer Long time lurker Friend on Discord wants to take a Roblox game creator and the admins to court because he got a perm ban on it and even claimed his friend is a 'registered lawyer' who will do it for free He's not being sarcastic nor ironic under the claims of 'legal issues and corruption' Meme

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