andhumanslovedstories My nutrition professor was talking about vitamins and said the only reason you all even know the words alpha and omega is because of sororities and I wanted so badly to raise my hand and be like if you're gonna be a dick for some reason please let me explain to you in depth my immediate connotations for those words birdthany I'm in training to become a phlebotomist and at my last class we did blood typing and let me tell you when I walked into the lab to see ABO written in massive letters on the whiteboard l felt six years come off my lifespan realitycheckbounced once l used a phrase alpha and omega of something during a lecture and one of the students giggled so hysterically I *knew* and I looked at her and she looked at me and let me tell you this was the most profound moment of horror and understanding I have ever shared with another person Risky google of the day Meme

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