Andrea Morgan @AndreaDMorgan Got my Barbie today!! So proud of Soror Katherine Johnson and thankful that she's receiving her flowers now #AKAI 908 #Womenínscience #Blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence Barbie INSPIRING WOMEN DOLL NASA MATHEMATICIAN&PHYSICIST 1918-PRESENT SIGNATURE I ASKED QUESTIONS I WANTED TO KNOW WHY -KATHERINE JOHNSON Barbie recognizes all female role models The Inspiring Women Series pays tribute to ncredible heroines of their paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger than ever before time courageous women who took risks changed nules and Lather ohnson While growing up in White Sulphur Springs West Vieginia Katherine Johnson displayed an intense curiosity and an extraordinary knack with numbers As a child prodigy she entered high school at 10 years old and graduated from college when she was jat eighteen In the mid-1950s she joined a pool of women hired by computers Katherine caloulated the trajectory of NASA's first into NASA to work as human INSPIRING WOMEN SERIES flight calculations helped the Apollo astronauts land and returm from space Her flawless helped that when NASA MATHEMATI Barbie honors a legend Meme

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