Andy January 9 at 650 PM Hey! I'm in Television Broadcasting and am looking for actors male or female for a short film I am making for my class Anyone interested please let me know! 4 12 Comments Like Comment Abby I'm no pro But I don't mind giving it a try Like Reply 1d Jack especially if there are nude scenes Hi Andy l'm interested in this opportunity I'm trying to make my big break as a nude actor in the Canadian film industry If you have any scenes that require gratuitous nudity please do not hesitate to contact me Like Reply 1d Andy ack sorry Jack no nude scenes but will contact if I hear about any Like Reply 1d Jack Bummer! Yes if you have any leads please send them my way! I want to be Canada's first exclusively nude dramatic actor Like Reply 1d Andy 052 Jack I'm sure you'll have a great all Meme

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