Angry Birdgers McDonald's China unveils green & red burgers to coincide with Angry Birds movie SoraNews24 May 24 2016 ▼ The Super Red chicken burger with its Angry Bird red buns 愤怒红 热辣双层鸡排堡 -红色面包添加天然諅茄- ▼ As well as a wedge of egg the green- bunned pork burger comes with a spicy jalapeño sauce 捣蛋绿 香煎猪扒蒸蛋堡 -绿色面包添加天然菠菜- 愤怒的小鸟 tasty violenceoversuchsmallpotatos ruinedchildhood islamicbiotic jwblogofrandomness xomoodynymphetxo daisiesflower parks-and-rex parks-and-rex parks-and-rex parks-and-rex parks-and-rex Hey kids! You know those characters from the game you play Come eat their flesh Can’t wait for the Piglette McRib “Fuck” ‘ “to share with Elsa and Anna” I’m sorry but am I the only person who thought of this This post is so wild Those Looney Tunes meals are just the start During the 80s Foghorn Leghorn appeared in several commercials advertising KFC of all things as you can imagine these were very disturbing httpsyoutube1ldYNDYF8rs cinnamon toast crunch Meme

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