AngryMan @AngryManTV Had a really proud dad moment today Dropped my oldest off at school at 730 Helped her carry her project board to the classroom She was like You coming back at 830 for my presentation? Told her I couldn't cuz I had a 9am meeting in the office 2010 18 Mar 19 Twitter for Android 5479 Retweets 151K Likes AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h Gave her a hug & kiss then prayed with her but knew she was disappointed Drove back home & got dressed for work Was driving to the Metro when I detoured to her school Grabbed my work phone & sent an email telling them l'd be in after 10 97 tl 184 1384 AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h As hard as I worked with her on that project and rehearsing that presentation I had to be there I needed to support my baby girl Work could wait O12 t 182 1956 AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h I hit her teacher with a Class Dojo parents know LOL message letting her know I was comingPlease don't let her present without me there I said I got to the school at like 845 signed in & ran down the hall AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h I walked in the classroom as another young man was doing his presentation My daughter was sitting there at her desk listening She saw me and lit up The glow damn near brought tears to my eyes A big bright smile came to her face Her teacher also saw me and smiled 96 tl 270 3320 AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h A few more kids did there presentations and then my daughter was up Man listen She killed it!! Everything we had practiced and then some She was articulate spoke clearly and loudly She answered all questions from other students with ease 2 th 188 2667 AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h When she finished and sat back downI walked over to her desk gave her a quick kiss on the forehead & told her Amazing job!! 93 t 132 1535 AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h Another one of my partners was there supporting his son That dude had just got off work after working a 12 hours overnight shift but was there to see his lil' man I stayed and watched his son's presentation AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h Afterwards we left and just talked about the sacrifices we make as fathers and how often we're overlooked I appreciate the brothas in my circle Great fathers who care 96 t 270 2991 AngryMan @AngryManTV 12h I left the school and got to work at like 1045 I ain't care what nobody had to say Nothing else mattered An overwhelming feeling of pride has been with me all day I look forward to getting home to give her another big hug and listen to her tell her story 9115 355 5602 The single most wholesome thread ever Meme

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