Dogs, Fail, and Fashion: angstmachine
 a flook
 mr twain
 - laughs at own jokes fell in love with an egg
 - terrified of literally
 - is done
 - knows how to play
 wonderwall on the guitar
 - changes hair colour
 - struggles with doors
 favourite food is ketchup everything
 has a rip in space-time
 behind their bathroom mirror obsessed with hats
 - likes squid and dogs
 - hoards short people
 - feels like screaming al
 the time
 - cries over nonfiction
 - likes flowers
 - never finishes their
 - bites erasers
 - too quiet
 unironically relates tosentences
 bring me to life"
 good fashion sense
 - takes 0 shit
 may be married to a
 - probably going to fail
 gerbil in paraguay
 sad kazoo
 the curly bandito
 el no no
 - is probably a cat
 - a lone wolf
 - speaks 5 languages
 literally no one knows
 - lies about their feelings
 - really likes mushrooms on
 strange but charming
 - one true love is memes
 - society gives them a headache
 - stressed. just stressed
 - aiming for the presidency of their
 own private island
 born in an ice cave in yugoslavia
 probably working for MI6
 good poet
 - needs to be kissed rn
 good taste in music
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tag yourself i’m shortstop