Angus Johnston & @studentactivism Girl escapes from detention center hides in auto shop sobbing Owner a Trump supporter turns her in to the cops GONZALEZ AUTO CENTER INC 248-5117 248-311e ATROL UNIT TIRE POL Immigrant girl hides in auto shop after escaping attendants from Florida detention facility washingtonpostcom 1208 PM-28 Jul 18 trans-homura diesetdown armedandgayngerous forcesunleashed judo-ichidai jackaalope libertariancommunism Borders are violence His name’s Frank Gonzalez and information on where this all went down can be found here wwwwashingtonpostcomamphtmlnewspost-nationwp20180728immigrant-girl-hides-in-auto-shop-after-escaping-attendants-from-florida-detention-facility Please reblog this important information The name of his store is Gonzalez Auto Center and googleFacebook reviews are always a great way to show how we feel about people like him “um girl cried so aiding and abetting fugitive from the law good now actually” People say that they would hide Jewish people look how quickly they prove they won’t Meme

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