Anime Weekend Atlanta 5hrs For cosplayers Literal breastplate will give you a cosplay-ready anime- class bust in seconds 【 Photos】 It's sort of disheartening to think that you can spend countless hours and huge sums of cash working on your cosplay creation getting the outt looking just like EN ROCKETNEWS24COM Like Comment Share Travis id rather not be deceived Kill it with fire XO!! Like Reply 2 hrs travis i'd hate to be the bearer of bad news but nothing Taylor you see on a cosplay is real that fursuit has a human inside it the elf ears come right off no one actually has purple skin sorry man Like Reply Just now Write a reply asgardian-viking List of People who could use this -Trans women cosplayers and non-cosplayers - Cis Women who feel too shy to actually show off their chest but still want to pull this off - Cis women with small chests who also want to be true the characters - Pretty much any dude who wants to cosplay as a female character - Anyone who wants to piss off Travis Meme

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