Ann X Actions Ann Jan 2nd 407pm Hi Being a Cunt is Cuntagious I find this photo annoying or distasteful Would you please take it down? Being a Cunt is Cuntagious iev ete et tor t STOP Being a Cunt is Cuntagious Jan 2nd 451pm no Ann Jan 2nd 457pm I find your language a disgrace Obviously you cannot think of any decent language to use and people like you are the very reason that children using Facebook can be a recipe for disaster Well donell TUBeing a Cunt is Cuntagious Jan 3rd 12 12pm You know what's a recipe for disaster? Parents that let their kids play around on the Intermet unsupervised and then expect everyone else to moderate their content so they don't have to do their job as a parent Would you let your kids go play alone in the park and just expect everyone else to not do anything shitty to them? Or would you go along and make sure nothing happened to them? Seriously if kids are too young to see a few questionable 4 lettered words on Facebook they're too young for the internet Period So get off your high horse grow a brain and think things through a bit more before opening your mouth Ann Jan 3rd 350pm Up yours Write a reply Press Enter to send Reply Throwback to when I could be arsed replying to these whinging cunts Follow me on Instagram! httpsinstagramcombeingasickhunt Meme

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