annaprise: zyenakhsi: anarchist-space-pirate: causiane: subjectzer0s: toobookishtohandle: m–ood: Golden tortoise beetle transforming from gold to red What @gayterenus When your 24 hour premium skin wears off Alright, y'all. Bug nerd here. Yes, this is real. This is Charidotella sexpunctata. It’s able change color like this by filling and emptying its elytra (the wing covers) with water. The mirror-like gold effect is caused by it forcing water into separate layers of its elytra, smoothing them out to the point where they actually reflect light. By drawing the water out, the red pigment beneath is exposed. They do this whenever they’re disturbed as a defense mechanism, likely to mimic foul tasting lady beetles. So, there’s a fun fact. A spy