annevbonny Tear gas is not lethal force 27m Like Reply89 white people are monsters Imfado annevbonny anyway tear gas is actually a fucking nerve agent that can absolutely kill you and even though governments think its cool to spray it on kids the geneva convention disagrees annevbonny i've been thinking about this all day speaking as a person who has been tear gassed to hell and back i wouldn't fucking wish that sensation on my worst enemy let alone CHILDREN it's beyond words don't believe people when they tell you it's for crowd control it's not it's to make crowds PANIC it's to make you fear for your life it's to make you feel like you're dying it can trigger panic attacks and asthma attacks in young people and heart attacks in the elderly it's fucking unconscionable is what it is and every single government who uses it should be shamed for eternity reminder that tear gas is unethical Meme

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