Anonymous 010319Thu015521 No788966543 I know nobody is going to care but I need to share it with someone >be me 20 never had a girlfriendbeen with a girl before actual sperg 72 KB PNG decide to have a kickback at my house on New Years Eve 10 or so people just smoking weed and watching movies >one of my best friends who i've known since 7th grade is there >she's just chilling with her head in my lap which is normal since we're pretty close >solid 710 always had feelings for her just too awkward to make a move and i figured she was out of my league >I pass my controller to one of my friends when all the sudden she pulls me down >kisses me on the cheek and after the initial shock I kiss her back >we end up making out for a couple of minutes and spend the rest of the night in each others arms texts me the next day to tell me that she's had feelings for me for a long time but she was too afraid to tell me >I tell her the same thing We're now dating and i've literally never been happier before I know it was a shitty story and nobody cares but I don't have a lot of friends and I had to tell someone Sharing the positivity Meme

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