Anonymous 010519Sat232646 No789208839 Like basically super powerful man >Just finished solving a mystery with the gang Turns out the monster was some dude trying to get underage pussy at the citys highschool 25 KB PNG >After all that i went to McDonalds to get mc n cheese with my homie scooby >Eat the MC n cheese >Fuckinggreatorg Walk back home >Passing through a narrow alley sHmpf are you the one know as shaggy? Turn around >See some fat rabbit just standing at the beginning of the alley >Like you guessed it man the rabbit clenches his fist Tell scooby to go ahead and tell the gang to go as far as possible >Like yare yare daze man This is going to be a long night >Begin fighting >This smuck is pretty slow but hits hard >Using 5% of my power Fast forward a shit ton of time >been fighting this quy for three days already >He won't give up >Our power is matched >Using 100% of my power >Everything around us is destroyed >Feel dizzy >Like never thought I would end like this man Wake up >Head lying on kitchen table >See huge ass line of cocaine >13 of it was snorted Never doing this shit again Meme

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