Anonymous 010819Tue123034 No789444903 >be me 3 years ago 16 years old >Not many friends >Feel alone as hell see everyone partying and shit and I'm sitting around at home 38 KB JPG Classmate at school talking about going out for a drive with friends Looks at me >Hey anon! Your a funny dude how about you join us Heart skips a beat this is all T have ever wanted We go out eat some chipolte go too Walmart and fuck around there Buy like 15 king sized kit Kats for shits n giggles >Finally they dropped me off at home I hate home mom is terrible Obvious frown >Friendo looks at me hey we'll see you around anon You fit right in Smiled and nodded Walked inside room and cried happinesS cry awesomacious Anon makes a friend Meme

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