Anonymous 020217 Thu173444 No 7211102 get lung infection >doc gives me antibiotics for it says they may cause diarrhea says to take them with food okay start taking pills three days in haven't shit since Istarted taking them >wonder if the pills are actually making me constipated day four make breakfast a couple breakfast sandwiches and a coffee >eat and take my antibiotic >10 minutes passes something doesn't feel right suddenly >my sphincter is now Vietnam 1972 >ididn'taskforthisjpg >run to the shitter faster than Usain Bolt easily think l could have won a gold medal in the Olympics >the moment I sit my ass down the floodgates open >ive become a human pressure washer a constant stream of liquid shit launches from my asshole at mach speed the plumbing is probably totally free of clogs now the splashes coats my ass in shit water the pressure is so great that it splashes outside of the bowl as well my legs are covered in brown mist as a result legs are shaking uncontrollably basically convulsing at this point smells like the bathroom is a month old mass grave enough to induce reflex puke but miss the toilet collapse on the floor >feel like a Veitnam war veteran tortured by his flashbacks wasn't even in 'nam sleep the rest of the day off next day go to doctor to see about switching meds get examined again >I never even had a lung infection Meme

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