Anonymous 021315Fri101626 No38034693 File We'reBack ipg 9 KB 216x234 38034709 >>38034486 >>38034570 Well for you guys since you asked PEUNITER It had been almost a decade in the game world and since we left off our characters had essentially gone their separate ways The initial plot was gathering everyone back together to become the 'dream team' of the fantasy world We thought it was kinda cool since most of characters were young we managed to still play characters in their 30's and one in their 50's Paladin super Bro The rest managed to form up without much problem and then the group made a note that something was amiss Then the thief asks Where the fuck is Beel? Enter me suddenly handed this sheet of a character aged a decade but was a surprised as hell The DM had given Beel a fucking theater he played in every other night He was apparently bardy-hardy every spare moment of his life He drank he gambled and he slept In a decade Beel had never settled down but in all fairness he was just as much a gentlemen to the ladies he was partying with which left him a rather decent reputation How did the party find Beel? Why under a group of party-goers a mug hanging off his hon and a shit-eating grin on his unnaturally youthful infemal face Been long enough fellas! Beel gathered his gear paid for the night made his latest roomie breakfast and set out with his friends happily fiddling as he set out on the road after them And so the party sent out after the new threat unaware of their higher purpose Anonymous 021315Fri101826 No38034709 38034745 File PlsDon'tHurtipg 10 KB 213x237 >>38034693 As the party journeyed from town to town they noticed strange things Well they did Beel noticed the ladies and a few bars but otherwise he was blind See in the time since we left the characters they had become rather famous rather heroic figures that were a little like celebrities When they entered a town everyone noticed them and reacted with joy and cheer and sometimes flat out fanclubs appeared Everyone was famous Except for Beel For some reason people ignored if not HATED Beel on sight I had to roll performs to get them back to a neutral state then perform my way into their hearts again Not that I was complaining about barding up a storm once more but OOC we all took note of the weird censor that people had on Beel and by extension me I still had performance points no mortal bard has any reasonable right to have which meant the couple of barfights I got into were pretty damning from a gameplay point of view but pala-bro was there for the healing Had he not been there healing me the 'angry fanatics that crept through the window would have clubbed me to death Oh yeah there were angry fanatics that crept through my window one night to kill me by the way They were the first lead we had Anonymous 021315Fri102144 No38034745 File DM is All Likejpg 28 KB 750x600 38034757 38034709 Turns out there was someone casting high level 'mind-wipe' and 'suggestion' spells that erased me from everyone's memories and made them subtly hate me for no goddamn reas on besides DM reasons As we progressed it got worse and worse Only thing that kept my party on my side was nightly fiddle sessions that restored their memories of me Shit was getting intense A WIZARD DID IT We continued to move forwards growing close and closer to the source where people would literally attack me in the streets when they fiqured out who I was It was kinda suckish until I could sneak in the taven and perform the entire crowd into praise and love By the time we reached the castle with the BBEG's initials written on the front door we were tired battered and sick of people trying to kill the musician for no reason We ascend the stairs defeating deluded warriors and bandits forced into service Beel providing commentary and epic BGM the entire time As we draw closer to the top the DM informs me I hear a light sound almost like a string instru- Oh you did not Seriously DM? Anonymous 021315Fri102338 No38034757 File FnalHoedownjpg 55 KB 613x330 >>38034790 38034745 We throw open the doors and see SURPRISE It's mother Fucking Carn-ya Tuns out I didn't just out perform this bastard I DESTORYED him and he hated me Oh did he hate Beel He had devoted half a decade to plotting against him and the next half carrying it out Everything had been because Beel had destroyed him and he was surprised when he saw the rest of the party not even remembering their faces All he cared about was me It was then that I realized that the DM was leaning back and he handed me a sheet His next move was to click something on his laptop The paper in my hand? Lyrics for Devil Comes Back to Georgia which I had no idea was an actual thing And the music started Carm-ya casts some sort of infernal tangle on the party and suddenly the entire tower qives way to reveal that it's the center of a Mass and I mean MASS teleport spell He ports half the world into this little enormous arena-thing creates magic speakers and then the DM clears his throat to announce to the world his challenge Anonymous 021315Fri102815 No38034790 File DuellMeYoipg 12 KB 251x201 38034814 >38034757 It's been ten long years since the devil laid the bridge toll at Ole' Beel's feet And it burned inside his mind the way he suffered that defeat In the darkest of the hells the devil hatched an evil plan To tempt the Tiefling fiddler for he's just a mortal man! The sin of pride' the devil cried is what will do you in! You thought you had this setled you're the best fiddler ever's been I sat there listening to the music as the DM continued the rest laughing around me as their characters are grappled and left to watch this infernal showdown take place Then the DM continued Beel didn't you know that time keeps marching on? The coldest hours in Eberron come just before the dawn! Devil's back in game will you stand the test or will you let this devil be the best? And that's when Beel cracks his neck drops the kicks his case open and places the fiddle under his chin as I improv the lyrics a smidge Improv club does WONDERS for roleplay don't it? In truth I haven't played this character much since June But give me half a minute he'll get his fiddle back in tune Anonymous 021315Fri103310 No38034814 File Nat20Fiddlingjpg 8 KB 256x192 38034834 >>38034790 I watch the lyrics which he was nice enough to point out a few key things to c hange at my discretion And true to the tune the devil whooshes over and steals my bow and fiddle and the DM tells me he starts to play The devil grabs the older fiddle out of Ole Beel's hand and said Though I was fiddler underground now I walk the land The DM stands up pulls out an inflatable violin he found and starts to pretend to play danc ing and keeping beat with the music which even though was new I could feel the familiar beat and found myself not worrying about keeping up the improv The DM stops and points to the party that sits tied up laughing hysterically and rolling his performance and continues Ya'll just better be turning back if you want this Tiefling to win Cos natural 's the only cure for the targets he's gotta hit I grin and read from the paper and add my own touch Now devil it would sin for you to fudge my rolls you go on back to hells and to the taverns I will go! Ole Beel are you practicing or will you rolls go low? This DM rolls the devil hard and there'll be no re-rolls Can you hear the party cryin' will they ever know this devil want's Beel's very soul? Anonymous 021315Fri103544 No38034834 File WeFiddlinNowSonjpg 53 KB 1920x1080 38034852 38034814 The DM throws me the fiddle and I slip off my shoes and socks stretching my toes out as the music starts to come back around I grin and test the inflatable fiddle out bending my knees as I get ready to bardcore once more As the music comes to me I point the bow and happily state Before we play I want to thank you for letting forum boards ring true They said DM's can't be trusted- He smiled and laughed Yes but what you gonna do? Beel smiles and readies the bow Well you can have my character sheet if you think that you can win 'Cos I out-rolled you once with this here bard and I can roll them once again And you can bet your collective asses I pranced around that room like a fucking swan princess trained by the blue fairy and private tutelage from the Russian ballet class Did I look like an idiot? Yes Did I make myself look like a fool? Oh yeah Did my knee hurt for a month because of this? You bet But I'll be damned if I do NOT follow the bard-core I wanted to be Slime-cube's green Tiefling's red Can't fight shit sing instead this devil's dream But Bard Beel's the best fiddler that's ever been that he can win Anonymous 021315Fri103807 No38034852 File BanzaiViojpg 33 KB 194x175 38034871>38034890 >38034834 I slid to my knees as I finished my solo making the holes that would eventually lead to the ruin of one of my favorite jeans and nearly crushed my little toe I am not a small dude at all I was panting the group was laughing and clapping and the DM was trying not the fall over out of his beanbag chair as I stuck my tongue out like a rock-star and held the inflatable fiddle over my head The DM finished the rolls calculated the performance score and handed me the sheet This time Beel had finished with a little over 80 % of the total allotted points scored in the game The entire world cheered as Beel stood up bowed and then promptly danced arund the devil who collapsed into a terrible mess on the stage One of the greater evil gods appeared and was so moved by my performance that he apologized took the devil Carn-ya back to his plane and promised to prevent him from bothering me lest my fiddle skills start to falter because of the distraction 3803490238034903>38034918 >>38035009 Anonymous 021315Fri104141 No38034890 File GoldenFid ipg 9 KB 280x210 >>38034852 After that the party once again went their separate ways eventually passing into legend The Paladin bro became the right hand enforcer of his god Well deserved Dude was more devoted to Kord than any bastard before him god-speed man the thief finally landed the biggest payday imaginable and retired to luxury but not before buying an orphanage A promise from the first campaign she played The wizards founded a school of magic divided it into two sides and they have battles between the two classes every week to decide the lunch menu The warrior reclaimed a long lost throne and re-founded a kingdom of magic-less people with nowhere to go And Beel? Beel continued the tradition of bard-core eventually reaching peak status as the star of his own tale and after years of continuing the fiddling of divine aptitude he achieved god-hood as a god of music His clergy currently practices the fiddle and he is invoked every year to duel the best Should he judge them worthy he bestows a golden fiddle of performance I refuse to play Beel again mostly becauseI can't do better than that and partly because I've moved from bards But I will never forget the bard-core Capthca isize Livin' large baby Beel's livin' large Beel the Bard part 2! part 1 in comments Meme

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