Friday, Love, and Mfw: Anonymous 03/31/18(Sat)03:07:57 No.764293421
 >be me
 >neet loser
 hate myself
 not good at anything
 >it's pizza friday
 >my mom makes the pizza dough
 and i make the rest of it
 69 KB JPG
 >mom usually doesn't have pizza
 >eat my pizza upstairs in my room
 >go downstairs for more
 >my mom calls me into her room
 >hey anon, i ate some of you pizza, hope you
 don't mind
 "you make really good pizzas anon. they're the
 best i've ever tasted"
 >mom makes my bro try some of the pizza
 >he loves it aswell
 >mfw i'm actually OK at something
 Love you mom