Anonymous 042219Mon191312 No798004600 be me changed schools and locations a at least a dozen times in my life old friend invites me to his party >never been to a party before >but I havent seen him in so long 8 KB JPG fuck it Im going expect that Im gonna be a social stigma and talk to nobody oh well >arrive at party ANON! everyone happy as fuck to see me hugs on top of hugs on top of hugs from people l havent seen in years they all missed me >I always thought I was a social outcast >smoking pot getting drunk >flirting with girls that I used to think were way out of my league vibing like there is no tommorow >3 am crossfaded out of my mind pass out on friend's floor people actually like me people actually enjoy my presence >feelsgoodman Wholesome Greentext Anon is loved Meme

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