Anonymous 050818Tue222612 No45251443 >Be me 18 Last two weeks of Senior Yean >In Math everyone's goofing off and talking >Paper gets dropped on 14 KB JPG my desk >Says Petition to get *black kid in my class* to sing at graduation >Few names are written already >Write Ur mom gay on a blank line 5 Minutes Pass >Girl on the verge of tears walks to the front of class >I don't know who had the fucking audacity to make fun of my best friend like that But whoever it was I want you to know that you're not funny! >waitwhatjpeg >Explain that it's a dumb internet joke >Nobody gets the reference >Chad from the football team gets in my face and threatens to clock me in the mouth if I don't apologize >MFW the guy actually had two moms anon attends math class Meme

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