Anonymous 051418Mon131404 No10598617 Uncrustables are the only thing keeping me alive at this point This isn't a fucking joke every dayI wake up go to the same shitty school full of shitty people who all 49 KB PNGthink their better than one another full of teachers who either don't want to be their either or hate you spend time with people who don't like me and who I don't like then go home cry in the shower for an hour then engage in a sorry attempt at studving all for what? All for the fucking uncrustables every day twice a day those absolute godsends of treats get me through my miserable fucking life the sweetness of the jelly matched with the saltiness of the peanut butter all on soft round bread pockets God isn't real heaven isn't real only uncrustables are real View Thread meirl by Decklan_R MORE MEMES Meme

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