Anonymous 052513Sat0055 No 16442287 Replies 16442341 22164423432216442433 3216442460 3316442510 >listening to music >cl eaning up my man cave >gf says she is going to the store >decide it's time for a fap >wait a few minutes after she left >strip naked because that's how I do >searching for that perfect fap video >getting close hear the door open and shut >shut my computer down but keep fapping hoping gf will come down and finish me off >decide l am going to surprise her and jizz the second she walks in seemed better at the time >hear someone walking down the stairs >decide to stand for this >as the door opens shoot my load all over some dude in a ski mask >l literally fall back stunned and reach for my gun >he is yelling wtf >hold him at gunpoint until the cops come >cop asks what is all over the guys shirt and pants >explain and give my statement >l can still hear them laughing Meme

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