Anonymous 071019Wed013517 No53302979 >Grown apart my all my old friends most of them remained close without me Pretty sure they never thought a whole lot of me anyways >Was in love once and now its been years since I've even her and I'm pretty certain I can 54 KB JPG never even have intimate feelings again could go back to college but just to fall in debt to fight for a job in that field so I can pay off said debt >Work for a fucking supermarket chain I have pretend to be happy on a daily basis working one of the most lowly and pathetic jobs possible >Drinking excessively is literally my only escape into happiness That and music >ldolize musicians and realize I could never be like them >Almost killed mysely four years ago Failed was institutionalized Haven't planned or tried since I look in the mirror every single day and see someone who blew the one life he had been given Why do I even continue to exist Anon contemplates his life Meme

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