Anonymous 071818Wed090202 No101207176 v >>101207446 >>101207665 >>101207979 >>101208005 >>101208161 >>101208404 >>101211996 >>101212073 >>101212101 Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at png 131 KB 313x243 google yandex iqdb wait Deputy give me a run down on this perp First of all where does he live? >It appears he lives with his mother Hm Curious A man in his mid 20s living at home What game is he playing? Bring up his facebook >lt appears to he doesn't have one sir No form of social media whatsoever in fact Looks like we've got a ghost on our hands Bring up cellphone records now >l only see occasional texts between his parents and Dominos Pizza Clearly he's using a burner We need to go deeper I want his entire employment history and history of relationships who he's close to If he's held hands with a girl or gone to a party I want to know >W-we found absolutely nothing there as well sir Dear God I haven't seen a ghost like this since the Cold War You're telling me this man in his 20s has no home career significant other friends and not even a god damn facebook account!? Are you telling me he just sits in a room all day? VWhat kind of sick freak would choose to live in solitary confinement I'm not believing this for a second Bring up his web history now >From what we can tell he's been playing the exact same video games and has been posting on the exact same websites for over 6 years now For over 12 hours a day Nothing makes sense Captain Clearly forged He's gotten the best of our intelligence team for now I need to call an old friend out of retirement for this case Anon is a professional loser Meme

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