Anonymous 072119Sun032033 No805151137 805157271 2805150565 >house party 3am >one of youngest there as well as girl i had crush on >people decide to do a load of coke >me and girl dont want to so go to bed together >sexexe >guy runs in through door coked up >jumps on me >starts to suck >Better then girl but don't enjoy it lasts about 10 seconds til i tell him to fuck off Anonymous 072119Sun032100 No805151169 805151312 22805150747 >>At that point where teenage years are ending and being grunge isnt as cool as it was in 90s >>Whole group of friends is getting busted up >>Purple haired goth dream girl breaks up messily and im bitter as hell >>Best bro moves out of town but we keep in contact and I visit now and then >His little bro still thinks we are the coolest >Keeps in contact on ancient messaging system >>Has all sorts of questions as hes entering puberty and looks to me for advice >>Feels nice to have someone thinking of me that way >>Totally miss for a while that he was trying to awkwardly flirt while asking about some of this stuff >He starts becoming more blunt about how awkward things are for him and admits his crush on me >Wants me to treat him like a girl and asks if he can blow me next time I go hang out up there >>With all that had been going on relationships with women soured and a his enthusiasm I say yes >>His bro lived in the same apt they did and had just started working recently Had a factory job and the weekend I was coming up he would spend a bunch of it working >>So I would just be alone at his place a bunch >>Actually have to visit him first since bro was working when I got into town >>l hang out play it cool and play vidya bro we go to bros apt One point he slips his hands down my pants and grabs my hardening dick >>Decide theres no going back now and reach into his grabbing his cute tiny boydick >>All we could get away with there >>Licks his hand and tells me he can taste my dick on it >Tell him not to get too excited when the weekend is over its going to be in his mouth >He smiles >>And up your ass >>He gives me a look of shock and excitement >>Know we cant do more and finally leave >>Obviously gonna go up with me and play games up there >>Take his little hand in mine on the stairs and lead him the last little bit >>Your going to be my girlfriend this whole weekend Anonymous 072119Sun032243 No805151312 805151500 >805151169 >Once we got settled I gave him his first kiss >>He would learn lots of things that weekend >>Brought out a steel folding chair because bachelor pad Take it out while he gets on his knees before me >Awkward first time blowjob but no worse than teenage girls had done >>Order him to take his tiny dick out and play with it while he blows me >Still couldnt belleve it was happening >>Day one bj session isnt going to last long because bro will return >>l dont cum easily either so looking forward to the next day >>hang out with best bro trying to be cool despite really wanting to get back to fucking his little brother >Mext day we get more time >>Starts the same way way bj on our sex chair while he jerks himself >>Love it once he starts being more careful with is teeth but want more >>Push him to a wall >>Drop to my knees and slide his cute dick into my mouth Felt pretty nice and was still in a dominate position with him against the wall >>Go for a few minutes but pull off and hold him close to me for a few minutes >Tell him to go to the chair grab the top drop pants and let me fuck his ass >>He pauses shocked >>Obediently follows my order though >We would hook up over and over again after this but anal was never easy as it was the first time bite me in the years later because I expected ass sex to be as easy as it was this day >>This would actually come >>Slide at least the head up his butt and he goes wild >He was more vocal and moaned more than the girls I had been with as well >Guess im gay now and ok with it >>Have to tell him to jerk his dick but just take over anyways after a while >>Fucking my cute little shota boitoy and playing with his cockette >he is also fine with going ATM which is another thing we wont fucking do again >>Still dont cum but we end the night 69ing with him on top >>He actually leans a little too hard and his dick chokes me >>Glves him a bit of confidence boost and he laughs >End of day 2 Anonymous 072119Sun032532 No805151500 805151560 >>805151312 >>last day of torrid weekend >Bro works a huge shift unlike day before >>We will fuck ALL day >>Because I couldnt cum was another reason why it lasted so long >>Dunno If it was nerves or jerking off constantly but elther way I was lasting >Too much to coverremember so heres highlights >>Not able ride my dick while looking at shemale porn on internet sadly >>We do have a conversation about how awesome it would be if we both went that route when he got older >We could be sisters >Thought he heard someone near door whle im pounding him on couch >>Know its nothing so tease him saying ill keep fucking his ass if anyone comes in >>Neither of us cared for ball licking much >>Fuck him In front of bathroom mirror so he can see his face >Drag him into hallway and sit him in my lap with only shirt on >>Safer than it sounds but still gets him all hot and bothered >>Play with his dick during it and he mumbles out the words >>Im a good girl >Immediately start start sucking his cock in my lap as reward for cuteness >Dick hurts a bit after a while but im close >>Have him lay prone and get into a pushup position forming a t >Glve him >Chooses mouth and drag him to his knees >>Finish in his cute mouth and get sloopy kiss after choice mouth or ass >>Good end to event but I wondered if he should have fucked me too >>Not like that tiny thing would have hurt me or anything We arent able to hook up against for a few years and he is 16 when we finally hook back up and thats next post A bit of a tone change incoming where we flip roles Anonymous 072119Sun032631 No805151560 805151700805159030 >>805151500 >hes 16 now >>Getting more freedom and wants to see me again >>We have kept in internet contact and jerked off alot but couldnt get back together >Hes coming up to town with another older bro for comic book convention and they need place to stay * >>Sure come on over >End up slipping out a little early lol >>Kiss him again in elevator to my place missed you >Have roommates but order him to blow me in my room just prove he was Still loyal >Got more excited than expected and begs me to fuck him >>Huh?What the hell?I cant get it and its hurting him? >>Ok we can work around this I think >Back to blowjobs >Jerk of to a futa Teen Titans comic and actually cum pretty quick >>His dick looks bigger than mine now so I enjoy sucking him off much more now >>Puts on a pair of girls underwear he acquired and we 69 in my bed >>Later try and shower together hoping the water would make it easier to slide in >>lt does not and all attempts at anal this weekend are met with frustration >>Still talk about him becoming my Sister when he gets older and we both start fully crossdressing and maybe transitioning >This is last time we hook up until im fully into college >Fucker ends up leaving me for some vagina in his tralor park >>SO mad after that f spite towards all old relationships >>Fully throw myself into being pretty trap almost out Anonymous 072119Sun032833 No805151700 805151822 805151560 >>Hit anime convention circuit and go around as crossplayer >>Love it despite limited college student budget >>Hook ups happen but I try and cultivate an image of a proper lady >>Obsessively try and cover flaws perceived flaws and anything to make myself fit my ideal >>Take to Lolita fashion as its dignified and classy >>lts not like I want >Discover lube wow technology is amazing >Not sure if I truly want to transition because I like my dick functioning >>During one convention find out he was there too >>Now marginally bigger than me and I knew his dick was already bigger >>He had broken up with trailer trash tramp a while ago >>Here I am dressed as a animu waitress get my ass pounded or anything >>He needs a room doesnt he? >>Sure you can crash with us >>He says hes tired and just wants to rest but something tells me has other things on his mind >Hes on chair in room while I sit on with knees raised letting him see my panties >>Soon im sitting bare assed on his lao >>Lapdance initiated >>Ok hes game and is up putting his dick in my mouth >Realize im going to be his girl from now on >>Pretty good cocksucker by now too >>Still wanna have fun to so hop up on bed take skirt in mouth and have him blow me >>Hes still got it >>Later turns me over and all fours >>What are we gonna do on this bed oni-chaWHOA tongue up my ass >>Eats my boipussy and never had that done before >>Out of my mind horny and tell him he can fuck me if he wants too >>l know the wonders of lube now and im about to tell him before he leaps on me and tries to drive it right in >Scream and kick off him flying across and landing in corner Hes about to yell then seems me curled up in corner rubbing ass and complaining about him acting like a gorrila >Apparently it looked really cute >>SO lube is now a thing in his vocabulary too >>Im his woman now >Having to share the room with other people also sucked because we couldnt fuck all night f our relationship >Start of next portion Anonymous 072119Sun033023 No805151822 805152210 22805151700 >>for a time I visit him in the trailer park hes living at and im his little sissy bitch >>Crossdress as much as I can for him >Of course hes not much bigger than I am and we still have our fantasy of being Sisters >>I greet him with a surprise visit one day in full convention cosplay again >>He has gotten a few articles >>Kinda goes for a goth girl look with cute black skirt >>Hes not as good at this sort of thing as I am and needs some help >>Still finally have sister sex session we always talked about >>Starts with blowing each other but soon he puts our dicks togeher and we frot lifting our skirts clothing of his own >>Soooo happppyyyy >>Bends me over fingers ass with lube and I get all the dick I can take >Wants to switch up and ride me >>Bounces on my cock llove the way we keep our skirts out of the way so they dont get messy Havent been this deep in his ass in forever Hes about to cum from being fucked which turns me on even more >>Have him cum on my dick and suck me to completion >Happy little giris and absolutely nothing will go wrong ever Of course it goes wrong after that but its not even a good story Thats the good stuff though hope some of you boys liked it Anon is gay Meme

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