Friends, Head, and Party: Anonymous
 08/17/18 (Fri)11:37:47 No.777410410
 got a bj from a friend while she was pissing
 >be us 18-19ish
 >we go to a party together
 getting a good buzz on talking with friends
 >tell her i gotta piss ill be back
 >wait anon im coming with you i gotta go too
 >we get to washroom and lock door
 >i go first while shes waiting and kind of watching
 >okay your turn
 si wash my hands as she sits and starts peeing
 >i look over and its hot as fuck hearing her pee and
 seeing her sitting on the toilet
 i walk over and just kind of pull it out
 >she instantly takes it and blows me till i shoot my
 load down her throat
 >go back to party
 one and only time anything ever happened with us.