Anonymous 090213Mon1518 No208022036 Replies 208022149208022270 File 1378149538571 aif-9 KB 256x342 449967-milhouse gif be 14 >be in geometry class >big black dude a year ahead of me struggling he asks me for help l end up helping him every class because he seemed like a cool dude and I thought the class was too easy anyway >spike up my hair one day he starts calling me Spike sone year later get THX-1138 movie for Christmas swant to exchange it at Circuit City for the special edition sthey have me give them the movie as I go look for the special edition find it come back to counter sit's rated R we can't sell this to you swtf ask for my normal version back sit's rated R too we cant sell it back to you sareyoufuckingseriousgif ssee black dude from geometry class behind counter he works there >hey Spike how's it going man? good are these guys giving you a hard time? sexplain the situation nah man this guy's name is Spike he's cool sthey sell me my special edition karma <p>Wholesome Greentext expost from rgreentext<p> Meme

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