Anonymous 1 hour ago 46515536 1474820705804jpg 233 KB 242x206 Like 1 REPLY ears in Rain Scoo >Born in the year of 1993 >Mother abandoned me at birth >22 year old father abandons all his dreams to raises me alone times are tough as fuck as he has to juggle work and me >whenever he has free time we play vidya together >we move from old nintendo and shit to WoW raiding and so on >helps me with school and even encourages me to study in a university follow his advice and manage to finish uni with engineer degree 1 year ago he gets diagnosed with lung cancer time goes on and it gets so bad he cant get out of the hospital bed >visit him every single day >week ago >Hey Anon was l a good father? >You were the best dad >Heh thanks son >2 seconds later flatline today >finally decide to organize his stuff in his old bedroom find a noteboolk >in details he wrote every day he spent with me today me and anon went to carnival and did etc >every day ends with I hope im doing enough for him >last entry is before he enters the hospital All these years I did what I could I dont regret mothers name abandoning me and Anon and not even calling once >I just hope Anon has grown up to be the best he can You were the bets old man godspeed to you Im not crying You are crying Meme

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