Anonymous 100718Sun225929 No781775753 >be me 19 yo 610 >Go out to movie with bestie of 3 years 910 5 KB PNG Its technically a date >Dinner and movie >Get ice cream afterwards >Give her a glass flower I bought earlier in the month >She loves it and we go for a walk >Pull out 5GUMTRUTH OR DARE PACK >Her wrapper says take a selfie with eyes closed >She does >I read mine It says to ask the most beautiful person in the room to kiss >We laugh it off but u remember the glass flower base has a mirror on the bottom side Where's the most beautiful girl at though? >Look at the mirrored base Oh look I found her! >Showed her the mirrored base of the flower >We smile and kiss for the first time ever >She reads the other part of the wrapper >What's the most romantic moment you've shared with the person next to you? >This one right novw >mfw how it feels to chew 5gum 1t cute Meme

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