Anonymous 102519Fri205636 No55046566 story time because I want to share and it's a special day be me 22 KHHV NEET no real purpose in life autistic >live in a small town but still don't know anyone >down the street is a harvest festival going on go there on a whim see nice old man making caramel apples hand dipped >i go over and buy one with some pocket change l ow saved up >it's really good we talk about caramel apples >his name is Ted >he asks if I'd like to help him make apples enthusiastically say yes go to a factory next day at 9 AM >I get to dip the apples and put the sticks on them >I box them up and sell them get to decorate them too Told I would not last longer than a year by floor manager since nobody does >Get to know Ted he has no kids and his wife died in a boat accident we talk every day about apples and candy >he gets me into football we watch football together he lets me show him anime >7 years pass >I've been there the longest Ted doesn't come to work I call him No response I go to his house >Door unlocked go in and see him on the floor call 911 he had a stroke and died later that day in the hospital cry for days because my only friend is gone >A few days pass I learn that he left the factory and the apple shop to me >note says You're the hardest worker I've ever met I know you will make me proud >burst into tears in front of lawyer every day I go to that factory to work hard >l come up with all sorts of ideas to decorate the apples every holiday Still KHHV but I love making apples >Whole town knows me as the apple man Never been happier making caramel apples Today would have been his 76th birthday We got a huge catering order done today in time for Halloween Business is better than ever I know you're watching me Ted I hope I'm making you proud this is one of the most wholesome things ive ever read Meme

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