Anonymous 120118Sat061939 No49597417 parents spent most of childhood fighting dad was alwavs pissed >has a shitty fucking sense of humour haha I'm gonna beat you if you dont this and this vividly remember getting slapped hard as fuck while we were taking a walk and I decided to skip was maybe 6 years old >broke my toys >mother never did anything says she's always there for me and the only one who actually acknowledged that their long ass divorce could possibly be a really shitty experience for me lies and manipulates people cheated on my dad when I was 9 took the money I got for birthdays and didn't give it back >dad's gf is actually kinda alright >she relays every thing i say to my dad or grandparents though tells me I'm indecent and rude when I curl up on a chair while at grandma's house extremely concerned about how other's view her typical womanjpg have a family they all hate me because of my mum the only family member I truly love and would miss if they were gone is my aunt whom I see 1-2 a year just wanna get a well-paying and fulfilling job and move far away from all of the bullshit Anonymous 120118Sat055032 No49597109 23 got accepted to good college >mom immediately thought that I would go on a drugdrinksex bender and get into trouble >demand I install tracking software for the smart phone she gave me how can I trust you after all you did to me in high school?! largely encouraged to choose a particular engineering major extended family particularly mom's side made very clear to me the consequences for changing majors that it would be held over my head for the rest of my life they did it to cousin >went there felt freedom for the first time in my life did not drugdrinksex bender or get into trouble still maintained good grades throughout dropped only 1 class A's and B's in a very competitive program while taking a minor and premed courses develop some of my own non-academic interests and hobbies which family grudgingly accepted though still to this day try to pressure me to sell it all o stupidest thing I did was ask out high school oneitis who proceeded to use my crime against me as a cheap way to gain connections for the rest of the 4 years nearly dropped out of major over that only thing that stopped me was seeing that it would take 5 years to graduate and that it would be impossible to explain to family heartbreak is temporary family is forever amirite? >powered through major despite slowly dying every day surrounded by people who hated me with no way out >family never knevw constant pressure destroyed me slowly I'm surel have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder graduated get rejected by every medical program in the country >by this time mom cut connections with family who had always been treating her like shit thought things would get better at least at home Anonymous 120118Sat060304 No49597258 33 forced to take job at shithole startup witnessed and experienced unbelievable shit racism sexism and just plain cruelty from rich degenerates playing company >mom never believed me when I explained thought I was exagerating and would gaslight me even in middle of conversation >to this day I still hear it's not that bad when l make the mistake of talking about what happened over there I have since changed jobs and am still working on my ultimate goal but I'm more of a wreck than l ever was Thanks to being berated by my parents for being ungrateful and constantly having to jump through a million hoops to try to win some love I'm extremely emotionally needy especially towards women I percieve as mothering figures It's to the point where I'm pushing away a formerly close friend and mentor who had been extremely kind to me The worst thing is that through all this my mom and probably nearly everyone else is going to say it's all my fault for not being strong or independent enough For example a few weeks ago I was stupid enough to tell my mom how I hated how her relatives coerced me so hard into staying in my major even when my heart and brain were both begging to be allowed to run when they probably couldn't even tell me what my degree was in and this made me too scared to leave since l feared a trickle down punishment from her She told me l stayed in there for myself and it was all on me since it's not herl style to directly confront others although I have witnessed this several times I have to keep pretending everything is alright though it is getting harder every day There's nobody I can talk to about this after all who would believe me? Anon has a bad childhood Meme

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