Anonymous 122216 Thu 122236 No361463585 361463804 361464596 361466990 >>361471220 >>361473516 361482443 File 1481498873678 png 47 KB 186x186 I still dont get why some can really say OW has a better world when TF made a vastly superior one even before the comics where a thing TF has a ton of personality and charisma with characters that feel like they belong there with a consistency in both tone and desing Each class isn't meant to appeal in the sense of l wanna be represented its on what you want to focus your playstyle as It's not lets put a waifu or a massive fatass because someone wants to look like that By the way tell me all you want on the shorts but from an objective standpoint a fucking second of any Meet The is better than any of the OW cg movies An example Soldier 76 has a backstory and lore but that does NOT instantly equal an interesting persona TF Soldier from just how he acts speaks and fucking humiliates people says alot of shit about him He is a warmongering lunatic a complete xenophobic who hates with passion anything enemy-shaped but has a sense of honor respect for the fallen and huge loyalty to his team You can just look at any fanmade GM od video and see how each character's personality in them can be easily exploited and used for storytelling drama nonsensical Kiity-tier stuff and even something as simple as humor or slapstick Not a single OW member could work as well Meme

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