Anonymous 122313 Mon100404 UTC-5 No522930202 Tell me about it >went to the store on Thursday >bought a half gallon jar of pickles >love me some pickles >eat one as soon as I get home >tastesgoodmanb >so good I decide I'll have a few more >walk back to my computer and start to work but the urge is not sated not by a long shot >come back to life-givi >eat several pickles each time >after an hour the jar is empty >400% of my daily sodium never tasted so good >thirty minutes later I hear a churning in my stomach >not a light rumbling sounds like the noise an old tub makes when you suddenly pull the drain Sinitiate sprint to bathroom mode >barely get my ass on the toilet as a fucking waterfall emerges from my asshole >never in my life have relief and horror been such close bedfellows >after about ten seconds of continuous flow it subsides to a trickle and stops >toilet water is green and smells like vinegar >body didn't even try to digest that shit >clean up and go back to computer >thinking thank god that's over >Not Even Close >five minutes later the rumbling is back >even louder this time >sprint to bathroom lather rinse repeat >this happens five more fucking times >it's finally all gone >stomach is concave I have never had less food inside my body >completely cleaned out >cue rumble >sit on toilet but it's different this time >l KNOW there's nothing in there >shit out a tiny amount of liquid immediately feel better >well I guess there was just a tiny bit left that wasn't so ba- all at once the burning fire of a thousand young suns sets upon my anal sphincter ng pickle jar several more time had just shat out pure stomach acid >frantically wipe at my ass to prevent it from melting away like the spaceship floor in Alien >craw in shower turn cold water on full blast and lie prone while gently sobbing >eventually towel off and crawl exhausted into bed at 300 in the afternoon >sleep for fourteen hours In retrospect it was all totally worth it I love me some pickles I love me some pickles Meme

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