Anonymous 122917Fri135058 No401568271 buy 45 boxes of this with my black gf's EBT card look on back of box ingredients soy pour the cereal from all 45 boxes into a big wheelbarrow in my gf's garage pour some vodka in the cereal and light on fire garage door is closed so I can hotbox the nintendo soy smoke wake up 3 days later in the hospital all my facial hair and body hair is gone my penis shrunk from 55 inches to 2 inches and I'm growing breasts the doctor says inhaling that much soy has done permanent damage to my testicles and my body is no longer capable of producing testosterone >doctor gives me the choice of either taking testosterone pills every day for the rest of my life or remaining an impotent infertile soyboy with a micropenis tell him I just want to play my video games 401 571 240 Meme

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