Anonymous 35235100 2 hr ago >Be me a year ago >Parents basically force me to not be a NEET anymore >Gives me ultimatum If I don't land a job in 2 months I will be kicked out >Panic go to every store of any kind in a huge radius dropping a poorly put together cv >Do my best to be normie like during all of this Put on plain color t-shirt jeans and wear a cap since I have no idea how to do hair Manage to land job in a retail store >Full-time >Job is pretty chill No one there knows me its like a second beginning >Generally just talk with coworkers the best I can Do my best to be nice >Every time I'm awkward I just own it instead of trying to excuse it >A year of this goes on >During christmas there is a store christmas dinner in town >Go with because why not Im not hated by these people >As the night goes on I realize I am not excluded or the butt of all the jokes My coworkers like me >My parents are proud I have a full time job >l feel like I have my shit together I think I have started the slow climb to normiedom Wish me luck Anon became a normie Meme

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