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 1 min ago
 >be me
 >dispatch manager for a small
 >bunch of 18 year olds start working in
 the shipping dept
 >start using the most current memes,
 yet, ligma etc, just general shit from
 704.8 kB JPG 4chan/reddit to see if they get it
 >kids get really into it
 >everything is a meme to them
 boss walks into the dispatch room
 just as I chuck some packing tape to
 one the kids screaming yeet as I do it
 >boss takes one look at me and says
 "looks like you've got a case of updog"
 one of the kids replies "what's up
 >MFW my boss is the biggest memer in
 the office
Anon gets memed on

Anon gets memed on