Anonymous asked What do angels actually look like per the bible? revelationg Well acoceding to Exviciel s ther might Acoording to Daniel so something like Acoording to iah 6 Again inEicl so Bacally when the people writing Seripture tried to describe what the s when they saw anangel they nun into the end of thr imaginationthey can never quite se to fully explain it becarape ther had trouble even comprebending wbat theg sawlet alone being able to describe it to pomecce elpe Yeah thats usually how people respoeded to sening them in the Eable There's a good reason why angele' standard greeting is Do mot be afraid t used to listen to this radio show and one thing I remember because it mas so fmay was a Christmas special where an angel showed up to tell the shepberds about the birth ofChrist The conversations went Angel FEAR NOT Shepherds screaming Angel 1SAID FEAR NOT Shepherds screaming LOUDER Angel WHAT PARTOF FEAR NOT ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT PART OF FEAR NOT ARE YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING!?? Meme

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