Anonymous D gHXXSa9n 070813Mon 23 20 00 No 492035419 Rpl2492037812 24244724243232444 -Be me day after I realze I ddnt get my raise but I also no longer need the job Basically I felt like how Peter feels in Ofice Space when he gets hypnotized Decide to make work a little more interesting Go clock in and then return to my car and taike three shots of whiskey in the parking lot before work >Other manage leaves Decide to continue drinking and sit in break room for a sold 4 hours eating whabever fucking food I want Made tacos in the ktchen during the lunch ush while drunk Cooks thought it was funny as fuck out whats going on >She says I went to another Mcdonalds somewhere else and they screwed up my order They sent me this coupon for a fee meal wil you except Me Sure no problem We arent supposed to because we dont get money back for other stores coupons But he never given a shit Her kay well I left it at my house Could you just give me the free meal and Iill just sort of tear t up whan I get home? here? confused Her This is an OUTRAGE I WILL BE CALLING TOMORROW TO TALK WITH sl just slam the window and walk away no fucks given She cama back later with a coupon and I told her I wouldnt serve her because her attude made my staff feel threatened Anonymous D qh09q9m 070813Mon12324 59 No492037301 Repies 902805 692 457 #2 The Tour da Franzia few days since l to work been a Have a full box of Franzia wine in my trunk want to see how much I can drink before my shifts over Other manager has been suspecting for a while that ive been drinking and getting high on the job Cant say anything or formerly accuse me because of funny corporate rule about employee respect lol He leaves Friends come over to store we smoke cigs and play hackey sack for about an hour before we start smoking joints outside the building Fast forward Its 4 hours after my shit began ve been inside the store for a total of 30 minutes that entire time Find a bike outside looks rusted obviously been leh there for months -Corporate office calls store Reports of a manager riding a bicycle outside the store I was just mowng a bikes office oldol crazy c MFW I managed to go around our store in 26 seconds a new recond for the tour de Franzis Anonymous D q099n 070813Mon 233131 No492038482 Repl992829283241228157 #3 Several weeks since I stopped caning Morale at all time low Mcdonalds employees Jove t because they can do whatever they want as long as work ends up getting done and customers dont get Employees now taking turns every 40 minutes to smoke pot in the freezer a 2 foot bong Super hgalk around to horsetracklpokerhouse nearby to buy cigs End up placing a s Come back to the store 45 ish minutes later quare betatclef Anonymous 0D qHXX9d9n 070813 Mon23 36 43 No 492039363 Repes mazeuH1-820479 maaswe Be gooteg h utside the n the breakroom browsing b and sh garage door Two drunk Spanish teens have hit the grage door on the back of the store and dented the fuck out of Get out all Tell them to give me a dub sack and ill give them tree food Blame door damage on ovenight manager lol -Spanish lids endad up parking their car across the street at another fastlood restaurant because they decided ater hitting our store they ware too drunk to drive They passed out in the lawn of the store and slept their for like 3 hours before they drove of kids Anonymous ID qH009q9n 070813Mon 23 44 13 No 492040782 Reples 48228343 6 don't get paid enough for this shit IPg Overnight employees keep showing up 30 minutes to an hour late as well Cant keep my night staf because its not fair that they have to work harder for these bitches Overnight manager yells at me and tels me the ovenight staf have their customs Fuck you close lobby between 10-11 pm since nat anough staff For some reason one of our big rush hours Malke sure to send employees home on time Not my fucking problem f I do my job but no one else does Post signs around doors that are locked saying Store closed for an hour please consul the manager at 1100pm with conceng Fuck you avennight managar Anonymous ID qHOCK9qm 0708 13Monj23 50 18 No 492041946 ps2420251 A coupla months now since I stopped caring about my job as a manger at Mcdonalds Object is to have drivethrough staf identify nice people in drive through You know those who say thanks or hello not asking for much ONce someone is targeted the object of the game is to give them the most food possible with their order Ordered a 4 piece chicken nugget? SUPRISE MUTHERFUCKER YOU JUST GOT 40M AND Since it was drive through we could get away with iR because most people drive off before checking their food Did this all the time ロAnonymousID qHO49q9m 070613Mon23 55 46 No 492042926 Reples u4m440esazouis-saws&mazowil >AS I mentioned earier one of the employees had started keeping a bong in the teงzer full time It was awesome Like that kind of high where your vision starts geting blury check Try climbing up the sida of the storage racks to the top shelf there we keap them -Fuck up and lose my grip in a spur to catch mysefI latch on to a case of 4 cofle pots which immediately go falling to the ground and smash Land on the Coffe Pots MFW kitchen staf watched the whole thing happen MFW Blamed it on the ovemigt manager lo 0had in the Anonymous D HXX9n070913Tue00 0T 13 No 492044985 Reples 22483845032 224204019 22492234311 #8 >Kinda buzzed and high but not bad just chiling in the breakroom watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and icecream sundaes Start asking two cooks whats going on Corfide in me that they are on acid handle ourselves dude dont worry you wont hear any -First Fuckthisjpeg >Go back to watching Master Shake beat up Meatwad while dressed as favor av 10 minutes before my shih is over I go to the ktchen the grilis have been tuned 90 degrees and look fucked up Cooks from shft who 3o you can clean behind them its very dity Fuck you mght mpio gril Anonymous ID qHX9 qm 0709 13Tue00 1906 No 492047048 Replies504804 49224988S920881 e did that come from Discover strange key with other emplayee who is basically the guy I get high with at work Spend hours trying to Other employee who is off work and waiting for ride comes up Alex looks over the edge of the roof its kind of cool actualhy >Yells at him for smaiang on the roof this doesnt seem ike an appropriate use of your time are you ถ en alowed to smoke up there blah blah blah cal him his cig Woman goes off about HE DOESNT LOOK OLD ENOUGH TO BE SMOKING Truthfully he was anly 17 AND WHY IS HE SMOKING ON THE ROOF! IS HE EVEN ALLOWED UP THERE? DID YOU KNOW HE WAS UP THERE BLAH BLAH BLAH Tall har lIll handla the issue and just walk away whle shes still yapping god just shut the fuck up Wex walks up front She glares at him He is about to grab his hat and leave when I see her say something under her breath at him He calmly goes over and makes 4 Ice cream cones and leaves SOMEBODY THREW ICECREAM CONES AT MY CAR look Dut wndow to see the four conas Alex made decorating Fat Bitches Car Tha whole car ¡틸 covered cant even see through thg front windshield WELL WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIsm Mam we have a lot of underage kids because of a nearby school they do pranks like this I cant help you -FYI lost the key to the roof later that night never figured out where it went Blamed it on the overnight manager lol □ AnonymousID qHO9q9n 070913Tuo100 3128 No 492049081 aplei-muse-aasawa-aasam-ms 22-ansim-mssas-mana #10 You thi workingass is comn lunch a lunch shit one day Fucker keeps yelling at me even though im not the manager running the store that day asking why all this shit the manager running the shit should have done isnt lucking done Starts scolding me about how he found a jug of expired mik in the front cooler -Try and explaan how I was n the kitchen th whole time because iM NOT RLINING THE FUCKING ShHFT Boss continues to rant and rant and tell me how tomorrow needs to be perfect blah blah blah Boss leaves with Other manager finally I can run my night shh >Cant shake the Boss's rant about the expired Milk Jug Get super pissed Go into the cooler See 6 out of the 8 booxes of tomatoes and 3 out of the 4 boxes of salad moc is expired Now the thing about these two products is managers will often try to lkeep them past expiration because they really dont go bad for quite some time past the written date -Fuck you Throw all that shit away Next day the store runs out of tomatoes for the sandwiches and lettuce for the salads Have to stop seling salads and stop making sandwiches with tomatoes Boss calls me into ofice >WY DID YOU THROW ALL THAT FOOD AWAY 1t was Boss's bos8 f it was expired you did a good thing son Seems like you need to retrain whoever is doing inventory boss MFW boss does inventory -Fuck you Anonymous ID 9H009q9n 070913Tue0o 43 46 No 492050940 Rps24204173722483838 little bit of background info we jst recently began 긴 promotion where you bringin coupon and you can get buy one get one Big Macs We are supposed to put these coupons in teh bags that go out drive through Employse comes out to me Hey we are out of coupons for the drive through Got anymore? go back to offce and start rising around Cant find shit suddenly Snd a stack of cards and see a picture of a Big Mac on them these must be Notice the cards I gave the employees says Value Meal on then > Present this card at a Mcdonalds restaurant for a free Value Mesl on us ip9 Tums out for the past 4 hours every car that has gone through drivethrou has recerved one of the coupons we give to customers who complain Coupons for free meals Fuck this stack had aver 500 cards in it when I FUCK FUCK FUCK gave it to them its down to less than 30 Get mare of the cards and get the pile big Stalf havent even noticed what the cards are Prefect my staff out the MFW Boss gets pissed at overnight manager for using the free meal cards instead of the promo cards Anon manages a McDonald's Meme

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