Anonymous Don't eat onion 080218Thu204714 No47237267 be me 5 days ago visit grandma she has a really bad mosquito situation in her house a few davs later >killed at least 50 24 KB JPG mosquitoes by now tired of coming out of bed at 12pm and killing all the mosquitoes use google to my advantage eat onion to make your sweat bad for the mosquitoes >hatch master plan to eat onion daily cut the onion into little pieces so it's like a snack eat the onion chips i made >2 davs later be me right now on the toilet eating onion was a bad idea BAD IDEA worst smelling shit known to humanity even the devil would be disqusted my poop is going out full auto in little pieces my ass has become a minigun >2 minutes later it stops wipe my butt the paper has liquid shit on it smell it cuz im fucking stupid oh god puke in my mouth a little bit continue wiping asshole use up almost entire roll of toilet paper >butt is now clean fucking finally never eating onion again At least the mosquitoes didn't bite me when I was eating onion Anon eats onions Meme

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