Anonymous ID iVZUMVBj 091212Wed193838 There is no heaven No424844538 swalking home from school see gil like also walking home >grow the balls to walk up to her say hey to her >Hi >never really talked to her >awkward silence aks me if I want to burn with her fuck yes >go to park >she pulls out an ounce of weed fuck yes Only Lavender Towne 3 grams >high af she asks me if I want to kiss her fuck yes >we kiss grabs my dick fuck yes >starts giving me a blowjob >fucking awesome sasks me to finger her >never fingered a girl >feelsgoodjpg asks me to put a finger in >feelsbetterjpg >ask for 3 finger does so sasks for my whole hand wut >still does so Pasks for both of my hands >more wut does so >l need more >what else do you need I have both my hands in your pussy >she looks me in the eye >1 need about tree fiddy It was about that time when I realized I had both of my hands in the vagina of a 8 storie tal crustacean from the paleozoic era sthat god damned loch ness monster had tricked me again pic not related Meme

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