Anonymous ID S5N42ulNl 122912Sat151335 No447097373 Repies 34470991457191231 >Penny is talking about how men are no longer manly Audience clinches buttcheeks It's the sound of winter You could hear a pin drop as the anticipation mounts- where could this lead? This is surely one of the best joke setups yet A dog barks in the distance Raj and Howard untuck their shirts and mess up hair in an effort to be more manly Urine fills the floor amid a tidal wave of laughter TV cameras shake as an associate producer shits her pants A 27-year-old grad student falls over the audience railing and snaps both ankles mperous to pain as he descends into hysteria The entire ont row between tears of oy begins an EL OH EL chant complete with fist pumps and choreographed dance A woman prematurely goes into labor after severe abdominal strain caused by intense laughter Her stillborn child drops to the bleacher floor- she picks it up puts her finger to its mouth and using impressive ventriloquism technique makes it say BAZINGAT She then drops the child into a pool of its own blood slips on the floor and dies from laughing so hard Sheldon walks in with a beard Audience feverishly bumrushes stage and carries off entire staff Rioting in the street begins at 830 pm that evening and lasts six days Million-man march organized Emmy nomination board held hostage in their offices Frothing crowd demands immediate and decisive action to ensure Big Bang Theory wins every category the following year Trained baboons are released and augh to build B g Bang Theory idols and statues Government grants cease or cancer research and are transferred to generating BBT embryos or vitro fertilization And that's just the first 5 minutes Anonymous ID VeXz8smH 122912Sat15 1613 No447097825 Reples 3 47095287 BAZINGOBORO Anonymous D S5N42UNI 122912Sat151902 No 447098287 Replies 22447099159 22447097825 BIMBOBWE 2 120 Anonymous ID aWaVanB3 122912Sat15 2103 No 447098662 File 1356812463711 i0g-16 KB 400x300 crh jpg BAZINGHOLIO ARE U THREATHENING MY ALMIGHTY SHOW Meme

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