Anonymous said How would Rod react if someone were to hit on Gilbert? I feel like he wouldn't make a scene or anything but might send death glares Anonymous said Wait waitwe saw Gilbert flirt now l'm curious How does Roderich flirt and what follows after? does he even flirt? or does he always magically get laid? Damn that's the first time I've used either of those emojis 'm Coset iyoure eane? golw 0 Gilber ask-art-student-prussia The things i do for you people spent an HOUR looking for this one post for y’all *the answer to the first anonNo while Gilbert’s “flirting” is clumsy and cheesy and generally stupid Roderich is very passive about it He doesn’t hit on people or even flirt with Gilbert that much but once in a while he’ll hint at something that can easily slide past anyone Meme

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