Anonymous said SMOL TAIWAN SMOL TAIWAN Anonymous said Can u pls draw Gil as the leader of an LGBT space with Seychelles HK Taiwan and Iceland asking about his boyfriend? thank you so much love you! Anonymous said I just want to see Seychelles Hong Kong and Taiwan and Prussia hanging out and talking about gay stuff I HC Seychelles and HK as Romantic Aces and Taiwan as a lesbian Also I love this blog so much it has so much creativity and ts also really receptive to asks and posts frequently Keep it up! Also send my ove to Gil he deserves it ask-art-student-prussia They’re all in high school not gil so lmao what if its the highschool rod’s teaching at and theyre the pride club wildbut here’s the stuff seychelles is francis’ adoptive sister around 16-17 same age with Mei who’s both Yao and Leon’s sister cousins with kiku ig Emil is Big Hecking GAy for Leon and they’re…the starbucks gays Meme

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