Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia gilbert you need to get healthy for 2019 cause your immune system SSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS andI care about you very much ait? Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia Yall ever get really fuckin mad at someone bc your entire school is getting sick and PAUL decided that it's be SUCH A GREAT JOKE to cough in your FACE when you're minding your own business breathing and now YOURE SICK AND HAVE A FEVER THATS NOT GOING DOWN BUT YOU HAVE TO DO TESTS TOMORROW SO THANKS PAUL Anonymous said to ask-art-student-prussia Imagine Gilb watching Cells at Work n getting salty at his own white blood cells for sucking and being weak and he bitches to Roddy about them like they're real actual people hhatre yo Ihwe an wwhe sye o s tel! ask-art-student-prussia Ludwig You’re not indestructible Gilbert Meme

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