Answers on Unconscious Bias here> ooO AT&T LTE 941 PM action e Follow Anonymous said Is it possible I'm now biases against all white dudes because of Donald Trump? Why do l feel like they are often the biggest perpetrators of discrimination? ANSWERED BY Laura Mather Founder & CEO Talent Sonar Not everyone has the power to discriminate Some people may have biases against others but they have no power so in the end there is no impact That's why the term reverse racism is so problematic Minorities in this country tend to have less power at work in politics etc Someone like Donald Trump has a lot of power White men tend to have a lot of power They hire and fire people They make choices about laws that impact all our lives They make decisions about loans and mortgages and who gets what kind of medical treatment So in some ways your feelings are justified Of course anyone with power can adt in a discriminatory way <p>I felt a cold chill when I saw this banner on top of my homepage but I decided to be completely fair and give it a click Yeah it was exactly as bad as I thought it would be<p> Meme

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