antego-the-fool: levinea-yuuki: antego-the-fool: minisqwish: k1wieed: elusiveblogueuse: this video does more in 10 seconds than your fave’s entire filmography For everyone who’s confused I feel like im watching a wedding ceremony from a country i didnt know existed. Like, I have no idea how all this stuff is important but good for you????? If you didn’t know the ‘ceremony’ goes 1) Peace - making the peace sign and connecting the tips of your fingers 2) Love - each making half of a heart 3) Unity - interlocking hands together 4) Respect - each gifting a kandi bracelet to the other by moving from one wrist to the other while hands are interlocked. This is PLUR which is heavily prevalent at music festivals and sorta the new age hippie which is why boomers love to shit on it but it really is a beautiful thing. So what’s the extreme significance of the big one? Normally people make their own kandi to trade and most of the time it’s a single band of beads. A big honker like that would take a huge amount of time, and cost a lot more than a single band. So it’s not just a physically big gift but to be gifted something like that is a big gesture, and very special in it’s own way. Hence the tears