Anyone ever notice that the 2 best Presidents we have had were not career politicians actor REAGAN and the other one is a businessman TRUMP and they both got more done than any career politician has got done And they were both hated by the Washington establishment!!!! And they both havehad similar ideas and neither one took crap from other one was a think We really need to countries Makes you get rid of all them lifelong politicians up there all they are doing is making themselves and their families rich Look at Biden and Hunter And Obama or the Clintons were not wealthy when they went in office now look at their wealth No way can you make investments that yield that kind of wealth in 8 yrs look at Pelosi and all them Why as Americans do we tolerate all this and how long before we have had enough??? Does America have to fail and us citizens start starving and losing everything before we rise up and rebel Wake up America we are the greatest country in the world Let's keep it that way I need to get off of Facebook Meme

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