AP Courses Exams Professional AP AP Central 仓 Home AP Scores About AP Development Coordinators 2020 AP Exam schedule Week 1 Morning 8 am Afternoon 12 noon Afternoon Local Time Local Time 2 pm Local Time Physics C Monday United States Physics C Mechanics May 4 2020 Government and Electricity Politics and Magnetism Tuesday May 5 2020 German Language Calculus AB and Culture Calculus BC Human Geography English Literature and Composition Wednesday May 6 2020 European History Physics 2 Algebra- Based Chemistry Thursday May 7 2020 Japanese Language and Culture Spanish Literature Physics 1 Algebra- and Culture Based United States History Friday Art History Computer Science A May 8 2020 AP 2-D Art and Design 3-D Art and Design and Drawing last day for coordinators to submit digital portfolios by 8 pm ET and to aatbor 2 D Art aned Dooian and Drawinc I guess I don't need to live after these tests Meme

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