AP US History Name Old Town Road DBQ Exercise Directions Read the essay prompt and with that in mind analyze the documents that follow Construct a thesis statement 1-2 sentences responding to the prompt and establishing an argu Write a paragraph that begins with a claim In the paragraph you should use 2-3 documents to claim Thesis Prompt Evaluate the extent to which Old Town Road by Nas X is a country song Document A music derived from or imitating the folk style of the Southern US or of the Western cowboy especially popular vocal music characterized by simple harmonies accompaniment by stringed instruments such as guitar fiddlebanjo and pedal steel repeated choruses and often narrative lyrics Country music Merriam-Webštercom 2019 httpswwwmerriam -webstercom 28 August 2019 Document B Lyrics from Old Town Road Can't nobody tell me nothin' You can't tell me nothin' horse to the old town road Yeah I'm gonna take my I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more Can't nobody tell me nothin' gonna take I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more Kio Kio Igot the horses in the back horse to the old town road I'm my You can't tell me nothin' Ridin' on a tractor T my bladder Cheated on my baby Lean all in Horse tack is attached Hat is matte black You can go and ask her Got the boots that's black to match My life is a movie Ridin' on a horse ha Bull ridin' and boobies You can whip your Porsche I been in the valley You ain't been up Cowboy hat from Gucci Wrangler on my booty off that porch now Silver Michael Here Are the Lyrics to Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' Billboard 12 July 2019 httpswwwbillboardcomarticlesnewslyrics8506481li-nas-x-old-town-road-lyrics Document C Old Town Road' jumps from No 15 to No 1 on the Hot 100 dated April 13 The song aided by airplay on Bobby Bones' syndicated morning show and WMAD Madison Wis debuts at No 53 on Country Airplay On the weel March 16 Billboard placed the tune released by Sony's Columbia Records on the Hot Country Songs chart whe debuted at No 19 The following week Billboard removed the song for several reasons including its trap beat a of country airplay no involvement by Sony Music Nashville and mixed categorization and playlisting on leading streaming services Since then a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus has hoon rnl Sona cite Reading this cut my life expectancy in half Meme

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