Apparently Thinx's a company that makes reusable washable period panties alternative to pads and tampons ads are an waaaaaaay to risque and sexual for the New York Subways Since Thinx's ads show skin say the word 'period and include fruit ? the MTA is denying Thinx the ad space So with ads like these $3800 MADEinNEW YORK INCLUDES ALL FEES BREAST AUGMENTATION CALL NOW FOR MORE INFO 718 395 5122 Octors Plastic Surgery CALL NO DO not nold doors PROTEIN ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY? So with all this skin and breasts the Thinx ad has got to be super sexy right!? More offen- sive than the anti-Islam ads that ran on the sides of buses not too long ago right? Totally! Here are the super risque ads Thinx proposed UNDERWEAR FOR WOMEN WITH PERIODS THINN XLL UNDERWEA UNDERWEAR FOR FOR WOMEN WOMEN WITH WITH PERIODS PERIODS THINS THINN Yeah an egg a grapefruit and three ladies in tanks a sweater and undies and some really decent gender-neutral language Soooo risque Oh and the reason the MTA doesn't want the word 'period' on the ad? For the children of course! They don't want the kids to ask their parents what a 'period' is because god fucking forbid! we teach our children about normal bodily functions! This is the most blatant form of sexism I've seen Can we cut off women's heads just to show off their tits as products? Sure! Can we use their sexed up bodies to sell diet pills? Of course! Can we talk about them as humans V with natural bodily functions? Nope! Like Jesus people this is some bullshit Misogyny and Hypocrisy Meme

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